13 January 2009

Update on Dad

This was going to be a post about how I despise our health care system here in the United States. (Don't get me started...and it's worse since I watched SICKO!) I feel like my dad has been a victim of our health care system. It took ONE WEEK for the insurance company to approve the chemo pills for Dad. This is absolutely ridiculous! The man has cancer; his doctor said he needs this type of chemotherapy; and the man is in pain.

However, I cannot thank the pharmacist, Reddy Annappareddy, R.Ph. enough for keeping my parents abreast of the situation with the insurance company and how long it might actually take to get the medication to my dad. This pharmacist was kind, caring and considerate to come in before the pharmacy was open to call Dad and the insurance company. He even gave Dad his cell phone number in case he had questions after the pharmacy closed. Late this afternoon, the insurance company approved the chemo pills (Temodar) for Dad and the pharmacy actually delivered the prescription to the house! The delivery man was knowledgeable and when my parents had more questions, they called the pharmacist and he answered them right away.

Thank you so very much to the pharmacist who makes this difficult time in my Dad's life a little bit easier by taking the time to treat him like a human being. When I can, I will be stopping by the pharmacy and thanking the pharmacist in person!


Melanie said...

I agree completely -- it's amazing how much of a pain in the neck the health care system is, and yet how very wonderful some of the individual people involved in it are.

I'm so sorry your dad had to go through that hassle to get his pills.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your dad's difficulty. However, it is great to know that there are still people that will go above and beyond. I am still praying for him and for you and your family as you all deal with this diagnosis. :)
Your SP