31 December 2009

Another Checkup

Yesterday, Jason and I went to the specialist OB in Annapolis. It was just a routine monthly checkup. We were able to see Monster's face, leg, hands and fingers in 3D ! At first the tech had trouble because Monster is so like his mom and doesn't like to be photographed! He had not only his hands in front of his face, but also was in a pike position with his legs there too! That also makes sense of late because Monster has been quite active and when he kicks-watch out! He's got some powerful little legs.

(traditional view)

(3D view)

Monster now weighs a whopping 2 pounds and 10 ounces! At times, he feels like he's ready to pop out Alien style, especially when I'm ready to go to bed. I can feel his entire little body right at the surface of mine. Very strange feeling!

According to the doctor, all is looking good and I don't have to go back until the end of January! (I'm sure I'll be seeing them every 2 weeks after that though...just like the regular OB.)

11 December 2009

Back from the Land of Citrus

Jason, Mom and I got back from Florida on Monday evening to see the remnants of the snowfall from Saturday. It was nice to see some of the white stuff! Since Jason moved here to Maryland, it has snowed on December 5th every year but one.

Our trip was nice, but it was good to be home again. Our flight to Florida was one of the bumpiest that I have ever experienced. Every once in awhile it would feel like we were on a roller coaster ride. Mom and I laughed about how everyone jostled in the same direction at the same time-it looked like a well choreographed dance! It was also the first time that I have heard a pilot come over the intercom and tell the flight attendants to take their seats. Even though it was bumpy, we landed safely. Thank God for great pilots!

The first shower was in Crystal River (two hours North from St. Pete/Clearwater). We had a great time seeing all the aunts and cousins that we haven't seen in quite some time. Victoria, a budding cake decorator/creator/pastry chef, made the cake. It was a baseball theme with a bear. The baseballs were Rice Krispy treats formed into balls and iced-yum!

The second shower was in St. Pete. It was nice to see some more relatives and friends that we had not seen in a long time...probably since either our wedding or our wedding shower five and a half years ago! We received lots of clothes in all different sizes, a few photo frames, bibs, rattles, and more. We didn't even get any duplicates except for one of the photo frames, however it's such a cute frame I plan on keeping both!

Thank you to everyone who came to the showers and those of you who worked hard to plan and put into motion the two days of fun (those games were difficult, but humorous!) for Jason and me (and of course for Monster!).

03 December 2009

Another visit...

I went to the doctor again yesterday for my monthly checkup with the specialist OB (due to age and health). We got some cool 3D pictures of Monster, who at first had his hands in front of his face-just like his mommy would do! We also got confirmation (because you know...mistakes can happen) that Monster is indeed a boy. He weighs approximately 1 1/2 pounds and is doing fine.

Over the weekend, Monster really got active. He's been kicking/punching/moving quite a bit all the time. He started out just shoving his foot out on my left side at 2:30am. I usually woke up feeling like I had a rock sticking out of my belly! He definitely was moving around during yesterday's sonogram session, but he did cooperate enough so that they could see his nose and upper lip to rule out a cleft palate.

Jason and I are off to Florida for the first two of three baby showers this weekend. When we first made the plans to go to Florida, it felt like it was sooooo far away and it's here already. Where did the time go? Before we know it, the next 16 weeks will fly by too and Monster will no longer be inside of me growing and kicking but a little baby that we get to hold in our arms and love to pieces. I shall be enjoying every minute of the next 16 weeks especially the lack of sleep, the lower back aches, and figuring out how to teach and get to the restroom every five minutes!