27 April 2009

It's been awhile...

...so I thought I'd write a bit tonight.

First, I turned in my portfolio last night. It is finished. WHEW! This has been a crazy 2 1/2 years of coursework, internship and finally the portfolio. I've learned a lot and look forward to walking across the stage at graduation to receive my Masters!!!!

Second, with this heat wave that really is meant for July and August, I treated myself to a pedicure and manicure this afternoon. A girl has to have her piggies in tip top shape to wear the sandals and flip flops!

Finally, with so much else to do, I failed to check my email recently. I went through it this evening and came across one that said, "You're a Winner!" Well, it was not from Publisher's Clearing House, but from Knit Picks, a mail order yarn company! I won a copy of Handknit Heroes, a graphic novel about knitting of course (quite appropriate for the librarian to be) and 7 skeins of Wool of the Andes in a color of my choosing. I chose blackberry, a deep purpley color. Not a color I would normally pick, but since it's free (YIPPPPEEEEE!!!!), why not? Now, you're probably wondering what I did to win the contest. Good question. Handknit Heroes is a graphic novel about teens who have powers and knit (of course), so the contest was asking if we could have a superpower, what would it be? I always tease my students that they wish theirs was invisibility when it comes to using their cellphones to text during class, but that was not mine. "If I had a superpower, I would be super fast like the bionic woman! I would be able to multitask and get things accomplished in the blink of an eye. That way I would have more time to knit and actually get projects finished!!!!" Now, if only I were super fast...

And of course, speaking of knitting...I have a few projects on the needles...two pairs of socks (cannot finish one pair because I broke the needles and need to purchase a new set!), a scarf/stole (cannot finish because I need to decide if I want it to be a scarf or a stole...if a stole, I need to purchase more yarn), and three gifts that need to get finished before the end of summer! (Do you see why I chose my superpower????)