27 May 2007

Under Contract

We have a contract on the townhouse! We actually had two offers and a bit of a bidding war! We are getting more $$$$ than we listed the place at. I signed all the paperwork on Wednesday to accept the contract and now we're just waiting for the guy to have a home inspection done. Keep your fingers crossed that nothing overly expensive is wrong.

15 May 2007


We can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The old house is painted and cleaned and polished too. We put it on the market on Sunday. Hopefully someone will want to see it soon and fall in love with it. I think once there's a contract on the house, I will be able relax a bit and not worry about having TWO houses at the same time.

Anyone want to buy a townhouse?????

07 May 2007

All moved in...

We are all moved in. Finally!

But, there is still more to be done at the old house. On Saturday, Jason, his dad and step mom and I painted for 8 hours. We finished everything except for the living room and a portion of the hallway. Plus there are a few spots in other rooms that just need to be touched up. Currently, they are at the old house painting and I will join them once work is over for the day.

We all took a break yesterday (we really needed it!). Jason and his dad just hung out at the house while his step mom (Patricia) and I along with my knitting buddy, Angela, went to Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. It was the first time any of us had been and we were all amazed! Our game plan was to see and touch as much yarn as possible in the time we were there. Mission accomplished! I came home with a skein of Blue Moon's Seduction in colorway Atomic #6 (that is just waiting to be knit into socks), 6 skeins of a chocolately brown wool for a sweater and some lovely ribbon and boucle yarns for a gift. I also purchased a couple of patterns. There was so much to see that Angela and I decided that we'd ask if some of the vendors would be at Stitches in October. We lucked out and many said that they would be! YIPPPPEEEEEE!!! Here's what I bought: