19 September 2010

Six months ago...

Six months ago today, Jason and I went to the hospital very early to have a baby. DJP arrived at 9:58pm weighing 8 lbs, 3 ozs. We haven't had our official weigh in at the pediatrician's office, but we're guessing he weighs at least 17lbs. and has grown an inch or two more since our last visit.

DJP can sit up (once we put him there)and stay that way for quite some time (probably about 10 minutes) before he decides that he's had enough and falls over to be either on his back or his belly. He also rolls from belly to back and back to belly-today he did both while watching football with Jason. Apparently he wanted to go somewhere!

He's still teething-not so much drool but pulling on his ears. There's no sign of teeth other than his gums have widened a bit more and are definitely bumpy. DJP has become more vocal with lots of sounds and has different facial expressions to go with them. My favorite is when he gets this serious look and he raises one eyebrow! (Neither Jason nor I can do this...) He also can form his mouth into an "ooh" which is fun when we do it first and then he mimics us. Whenever we do something new, DJP is observant and taking it all in so that he can do it later!

DJP's favorite thing to do is watching Ophelia (aka "Kitty") whenever she's brave enough to come into the living room. He will squeal and his little legs go (this is while in the exersaucer) and Kitty avoids the little hands as much as possible. She came a bit close on Friday and DJP was able to grab her tail and didn't really want to let go! I had to pry his fingers off-he had a hand full of cat hair...

The biggest change has been that DJP has been pushing himself up with his hands-lifting his belly off the floor. If he can get his legs coordinated, he'll be mobile shortly!

ETA: DJP is 27 3/4 inches long and weighs 17 3/4 lbs. WOW!

08 September 2010

First Pool Party

DJP attended his first pool party a few weeks ago (only blogging about it now due to the "bday flu" which will be discussed in a few sentences). The pool party was in celebration of DJP's cousin's 2nd birthday. (Happy Birthday, KJP!) The little guy got into his bathing suit and Del Sol t-shirt along with his hat and went in the water with his daddy.

There was also a visit in the pool by Harley, my aunt and uncle's puppy! (who did get on the raft all by himself!)

DJP also got to try his own raft. He enjoyed lounging quite a bit!

Fun was had by all until the next day...when the "bday flu" hit about half the people who attended the party. A family who parties together also gets sick together...talk about family love! (It will definitely be something we all talk about for YEARS to come...)