28 August 2009


A bunch of randomness:

-this week was loaded with meetings (have I mentioned how much I dislike meetings???)
-one of the presentations was a hoot because the presenter actually could have been a comedienne! (Wonder if she ever thought of doing that instead of being in education???)
-my four year old wish of new Spanish 1 textbooks (that everyone else in county had already) came to fruition; now I just have to stamp and number them.
-the deck is finished (pictures to follow as soon as the rain stops)
-Jason finally joined FB...he was worried that I hadn't friended him yet...how could I when (a)laptops were being reimaged at work (b)FB is not allowed at school and (c)once I got my laptop back my password didn't work
-pricking my finger 4 times a day is oh so much fun (extreme sarcasm here please) especially now that school is starting
-I wish everyone just got along and didn't shoot the messenger
-there's a missing package...or the mail is extremely SLOW this week [Bees, no package as of today :-(]
-I still need to get my posts ready about our trip...before I forget where we even went!
-I'm sooooooo tired!

20 August 2009

New Addition(s)

Yesterday, is was construction central around here. Before we left for our vacation, we had set up for a deck to be put on the house. The crew came yesterday morning to dig the footers. They will be back today after the inspector comes to start constructing the deck. They hope to be finished by Monday or Tuesday!

We also had a crew from Baltimore City come out yesterday (after 5 days of calling) because we noticed that the road was wet every day starting about where our water meter was. They dug a hole in the street and fixed the problem (hopefully). The process was a hoot to watch because there were at least 5 trucks and 7 or 8 workers. One was in the back hoe, one was in the hole, one was watching the digging, 2 were in the dump truck eating their lunches and at least 2 others just sitting in their trucks! Oh my...


Jason and I will be adding to our family around the end of March.

13 August 2009

We're Back!

We've returned from our Scandinavian/European Adventure. We had a great time, took lots of pictures, met a celebrity, had Madonna follow us around, ate, slept and played tourist. Hopefully I will be posting pictures and short commentaries soon...as soon as my internal clock is back to EST and not 6-8 hours ahead. Waking up at 3:30am for the start of the day is NOT fun!