28 August 2009


A bunch of randomness:

-this week was loaded with meetings (have I mentioned how much I dislike meetings???)
-one of the presentations was a hoot because the presenter actually could have been a comedienne! (Wonder if she ever thought of doing that instead of being in education???)
-my four year old wish of new Spanish 1 textbooks (that everyone else in county had already) came to fruition; now I just have to stamp and number them.
-the deck is finished (pictures to follow as soon as the rain stops)
-Jason finally joined FB...he was worried that I hadn't friended him yet...how could I when (a)laptops were being reimaged at work (b)FB is not allowed at school and (c)once I got my laptop back my password didn't work
-pricking my finger 4 times a day is oh so much fun (extreme sarcasm here please) especially now that school is starting
-I wish everyone just got along and didn't shoot the messenger
-there's a missing package...or the mail is extremely SLOW this week [Bees, no package as of today :-(]
-I still need to get my posts ready about our trip...before I forget where we even went!
-I'm sooooooo tired!


clara-runner said...

Been thinking about you! Are you still in the first trimester? I was bone tired throughout the entire first trimester. It does get better!

Melanie said...

Yes, I was thinking just what Clara said!

srapalmateer said...

Yup...still in the first. With school started, it takes all my energy to get myself home in the afternoon!