24 March 2010


Jason and I welcomed our son, DJP (aka Monster), to our family on Friday, March 19th at 9:58pm. He was 8lbs. 3 oz. and 19.3 inches long with lots of brownish/blonde/reddish hair. He was delivered by c-section after induction did not work (that made for a long, painful day for me).

Just after delivery:

Our little Italian Opera Singer (future career choice???):

We are now home and D is spending most of the day sleeping, which means we are up most of the night feeding! Sleep has become a rare commodity, but all for a most wonderful reason.

15 March 2010

I missed that memo...

I have mentioned to people that at school, there were many pregnant woman (five to be exact) and one expectant father. We are/were due pretty close together. The first was due in January with a little girl. The next four (me included) are/were due mid-March to the end of March. Apparently, this past weekend there was a memo issued about March babies needing to be born. Three of the four delivered this past weekend! When I showed up for work this morning, everyone was like "you're here!" Yup, I sure am! When they told me that there were three babies born over the weekend (two boys and a girl), I just responded with "I missed the memo!"

We do have an update about Monster's arrival (if he does not choose to arrive on his own in the very near future)...we will be going to the hospital around 5:30am on Friday. Yes, THIS coming Friday...March 19th. Jason has been saying this week would be the week for quite some time since it is his Spring Break and the start of the NCAA Basketball Tournament (which he has seemed to miss quite a bit since he's known me...I like watching it too!!!). While we were watching the selection show last evening, Jason was wondering if some of the doctors would be a bit distracted since many have gone to the University of Maryland. Thankfully, U of MD does not play until 9:30pm and hopefully, Monster will have arrived by then!

So, the count down has begun... T minus 3 days and 21 hours...

09 March 2010

The Latest

The latest from yesterday's doctor's appointment is that I will NOT be going to see 40 weeks as a pregnant woman. Basically, the "plan" from last week's doctor received a different perspective from this week's doctor. (I love seeing different doctors, but could they all be on the same page???) Yesterday's doctor told me that I could pick a day any day from now until the 23rd. WHAT?!?!?!?! Did Mother Nature let every mother pick her child's birthday???? I think not. This is so bizarre to me especially since nothing is particularly wrong or that Monster nor I are in distress.

I left the doctor's office with an appointment for next week and some serious pondering to do. Jason was a bit surprised to hear that we can choose Monster's birthday and then got down to business putting in the bases for the car seat in each of our cars. We went from thinking we had about 2 1/2 weeks to go to having maybe a week to a week and a half. YIKES!

We are physically prepared for Monster's arrival...furniture is all in place, clothes are washed and put away, hospital bags for me and Monster are packed and ready to go and the house is getting cleaned a bit each day as my tiredness allows. I think that mentally we are in shock that being parents is in the quite near future! We'll get there...