24 March 2010


Jason and I welcomed our son, DJP (aka Monster), to our family on Friday, March 19th at 9:58pm. He was 8lbs. 3 oz. and 19.3 inches long with lots of brownish/blonde/reddish hair. He was delivered by c-section after induction did not work (that made for a long, painful day for me).

Just after delivery:

Our little Italian Opera Singer (future career choice???):

We are now home and D is spending most of the day sleeping, which means we are up most of the night feeding! Sleep has become a rare commodity, but all for a most wonderful reason.


clara-runner said...

Yeah! Welcome to the world DJP! Glad to hear everyone is home and happy.

Ann, Russell and Collin said...

Congrats! We are so happy for all of you!!!! He is beautiful and BIG!