15 April 2010

Way too Cool

I never thought in a million years that my two favorite pastimes would come together. I guess it's been a million years because Baseball and Knitting have joined forces in the most amazing place of all...Cooperstown!

A few years ago, a knit designer came up with a sock pattern for all the major league baseball teams. (No, I have not yet knit the pattern...maybe one day!) She knit these for her favorite team, the Colorado Rockies, and won a contest sponsored by Craft, a magazine for all types of crafting.

Present day: The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown now has those very socks on display with current Colorado Rockies memorabilia. The HOF is promoting Stitch 'n Pitch later this month and will have volunteer knitters and crocheters to promote the needle arts! There is an article about this on the HOF's blog (click on "article" for the link!)


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