19 April 2008

Lovely Weather

The past week has been wonderfully warm here in MD! All the trees and flowers are blooming and everyone is out cutting their grass for the first time this Spring. Since moving, I've gotten a bit of a green thumb. I've never really had one before-I've killed cacti!

In the Fall, Mom helped me plant a variety of bulbs in the front garden of the house. Some of the bulbs have bloomed and some are just beginning to grow.
Yesterday, Jason and I went to Lowe's and purchased some other plants that I could put in the strawberry pot and the planter that his dad and stepmom gave us for Christmas. I picked out some petunias, dianthus and gerber daisies to put in the strawberry pot. Jason picked out a climbing clematis to put in the planter.
Right after we moved into the house last Spring, we planted a Japanese Maple tree. It was a house warming gift from Jason's dad and stepmom. It was a baby and it definitely survived the crazy MD Winter. Here's the proof:

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can keep all these plants living and in good health!

Recipient of 1st BB of 2008

The recipient of BB #1 of 2008 has arrived! Baby Noah will never have trouble remembering when his taxes are due because it will always be on his birthday! I was able to see the little guy on Thursday. He has a full head of hair and weighs 8lbs, 7oz. He is just too cute!

08 April 2008

Can you say Omazing?!?!

Yes, I did say "O"mazing!

The Orioles (as of this afternoon) have the BEST record in major league baseball.

No, this is no April Fool's joke. The team that Baseball Prospectus said was "the worst team in baseball" is not only first in their division but the entire league.

My team has been generating hits and runs out of no where. I think that the most amazing thing is that 5 of their 6 wins have been come from behind wins. Yesterday against the Mariners, all the runs came in the bottom of the 9th!

Have I "jumped" to some alternate universe? I sure hope not! I could get used to this!

GO O's!

07 April 2008

Finished Knitting Projects

I have been lazy about posting my finished knitting projects (or even my works in progress)! Here's some of what I have finished since the end of January...

I finished the first baby blanket of 2008:

This blanket is for Baby Boy Gray (whenever he decides to show his face). It was a kit from KnitPicks that I decided to purchase because the colors matched his mommy's personality and hopefully his too! I have started on Baby Blanket #2, a pinwheel pattern in good ol' primary colors-red, yellow and blue. I'm using LionBrand's Microspun. It's soft and washable; just what every new mom needs! (No pictures yet...)

I also finished a throw for the newlyweds, Joel & Mariah. It was their wedding gift.

I had started the throw using a microfiber ribbon yarn inbetween the bouclé and angel hair, but it just didn't look right nor feel good against the skin. I frogged it and started again. Much better without the ribbon yarn. I did use the ribbon yarn in the fringe. It gives the throw a bit more texture and just adds to the overall look.

I finished my Jaywalker Socks. I've even worn them since the weather here has been cold and damp with all the rain/mist we've gotten in the past week or so. They are warm and snuggly!

I've finished some other projects, but have yet to take photos. I'll have another FO post coming soon!

02 April 2008

Tired (AKA 100th post)

That's me. Tired. Spring Break did NOT help me at all. I was too busy doing the following:

  • going to the dentist (3 TIMES)
  • meeting up with friends that I hadn't seen in awhile
  • visiting family
Since Spring Break, I've been
  • going to the dentist (again!)
  • preparing students to take assessments (that only means teaching to the test)
  • doing course work
  • cleaning
  • knitting like a mad woman (two more babies are on the way...and they're due in the fall when I'll be doing my internship-must knit faster!)
  • Baseball has begun!
    • Opening day was cold and the O's lost 6-2 to the Rays (boo hoo)
    • Off again tonight...maybe it will have a different outcome?!?!
Soon, I hope to post about all the knitting that I've finished.