05 November 2009

And the results...

we're having a BOY!!!! He is growing at the correct rate and weighs about 12 ounces (like a Coke can, said the technician who was taking the measurements!)

Now comes the fun part...trying to find a name.

03 November 2009

Boy or Girl???

Okay folks...tomorrow, Jason and I go to the doctor for our 20 week appointment (the doctor changed my due date to March 23rd)! (I cannot believe we're at the halfway point already!)

Measurements will be taken to make sure the little one is growing in the correct proportions in accordance with the number of weeks (s)he is. And of course, if the little one cooperates, we will be able to find out if (s)he is a boy or girl.

Jason and I have been teasing each other relentlessly about the gender of this baby. He says "she" all the time and of course, I HAVE to say "he" just because. I think that Jason says "she" because we've had a girl's name picked out for YEARS and really do not have any boy's names narrowed down to any particular one that we truly like (at the moment). It does not matter to us which we are blessed with as long as the little one is healthy!

So, what do you think???