19 February 2010

Putting things together

Jason and I have been working on putting things together. Last week, we got the pack n' play together with little to no troubles (we even found the instruction booklet...it was hiding in a pocket that I didn't notice when unpacking the beast.)
Pack n' play
This week, we (mostly Jason) put the crib together. It was not as difficult as it looked, but sometimes it felt like you needed 6 hands to put it all together.
Hard at Work
Jason & finished crib
On my last "snow" day, I worked on putting together a project that my cousin, Jen, gave to me as a shower gift. She presented me with wall words ("Heaven's gift"). It is a lovely sentiment however I did not want to put it directly on the wall (what if I messed it up??? no gift and I'd have to repaint!). So, I purchased a poster frame and set to work following the instructions on how to apply the art to the glass in the frame. Once that was complete, I looked through my stash of scrapbooking paper (I need to get some of that finished too...like our wedding and honeymoon albums from 5 1/2 years ago!) and found paper in a pale blue with the word "baby" randomly written over the paper. I had enough to fill the frame (whew!) and I think I did a pretty good job of lining the pages up nicely. Thanks, Jen!
Heaven's Gift
The changing table/dresser was SUPPOSED to be delivered today between 1-5pm. Around 5:30 we get a phone call saying that they should be able to arrive by 7pm. Not a problem, but that's pretty late on a Friday evening. Not 10 minutes later, we get another phone call asking if they can come by 7:30. Sure, but that is the latest you can deliver the furniture to us. Why? Because we have plans. Oh... Needless to say, the furniture did NOT get delivered this evening. It should be here on Sunday... if not, the hormonal, pregnant woman will be having some choice things to say to the delivery company and to Babies 'R Us for using said delivery company.
ETA: Changing table/Dresser was delivered on Sunday afternoon! We still have to put the feet on it, but it's here!
Monster's dresser

02 February 2010

Non-stress Test

I went for my first of many days of fetal monitoring today. First, the nurse hooks two round discs to my belly-one to hear Monster's heartbeat and the other to see about contractions. I sit in a comfy recliner and read a book and wait for Monster's heart rate to increase twice in 20 minutes. He was a good boy and did that...otherwise I would have to sit for 40 minutes! Then I have a sonogram to see how all is going-what position Monster is in, saw that he was practicing his breathing (too cool to see everything moving!), check the amniotic fluid and check Monster's movements. WELL.... needless to say this was the longest part of my stay because Monster decided after the initial test, that he was going to take a nap. He was not going to move a muscle AT ALL! None of the normal tricks worked-me moving from side to side or poking my belly to see if he would move. The nurse had to give me a snack and a beverage for the little one to move. I was a bit worried because she said I couldn't leave UNTIL he moved! Oh boy... I guess in the future I'll be doing more of this...Come on Thursday! (Yes, I go twice a week until I deliver for monitoring...can I work in the doctor's office now???)