08 July 2011


DJP has added to his vocabulary as of this week the word that most parents dread hearing...


However, DJP has given the word 'no' some added enthusiasm: he says it with a smile and vivacious shakes of his head. Due to this motion, there is no picture (unfortunately)!

Just for good measure

Mom went to see the medical oncologist yesterday to find out what the next plan was to be.

What she found out was that she will be having chemo treatments once a week for two weeks and one week off for nine sessions, hopefully starting on Friday, July 15th. The doctor did warn her that she may experience more side effects this time (like hair loss). If all goes as planned, she will finish up in January 2012. This plan is just for good measure. What the doctors have found with pancreatic cancer is that once the chemo/radiation/surgery have been completed to rid the body of the cancer, another treatment plan of chemo diminishes the chances that the cancer will return.

Mom is upbeat about this and happy that she will not have to go to UMMC to receive her treatments. She can see one of her normal doctors (she has a list longer than Santa's) for her treatments. This means that she will be able to take herself.

06 July 2011

When Delilah cut Sampson's hair

DJP's hair was getting a bit long...that even he was pushing it out of his face!



(Well...DJP was not very happy afterward and did NOT want his picture taken.)

And a big thank you to Ms. Clare (aka Delilah) for cutting DJP's hair!