26 April 2007

THE MOVE has begun...

There are boxes in the house. There are some curtains hung. There are even boxes that have been unpacked waiting to be repacked.

What fun!

20 April 2007

My Stash

A new contest for Secret Pal 10!

My Stash and Where/How I keep it

My stash is currently in a couple of those plastic containers as well as two of my knitting bags. This is not normal. Jason and I are packing for our move to the new house (pics in April 6th post) and just about everything is packed. You can see some of the many boxes in the pic below.

I have an image in my head about how my stash will be organized. I hope to get some sort of shelf in which to organize by type and size. I purchased a shoe organizer at Target that might work, but it works well for shoes at the moment. I may go back and buy another. Who knows? I have not found the perfect organizer, so the plastic containers will have to suffice for now.

09 April 2007

This is Spring?!?!

What happened to those 70-80 degree temps of last week??? Please return...I miss you all way too much! I worn LONG JOHNS (top and bottom) to the Orioles home opener today. I never wear long johns, not even in the winter! The sad thing is that I donated my winter coat to Good Will last week, so I had to make do with multiple layers. Now, you're probably saying, "you shouldn't have donated your coat!" I totally agree that under normal circumstances that I would not have done that, but since the surgery in Dec., I've lost about 50lbs. So, all my clothes are too big and I haven't found replacements as of yet.

Anyway, we got to see a win! (So that makes up for the cold...NOT!)

And tomorrow, it's back to work with the kiddies at school...

06 April 2007

What everyone has been waiting for...

...pictures of the new abode! Here they are:

The Front: I love the porch! (That's my dad on the porch and Jason on the left.)

The staircase to the second floor (made out of a lovely oak...poor, but pretty tree...)

Part of the Kitchen as well as the door to the basement (where the trashcan is will be a refrigerator)

Another view of the kitchen (Mom and I are talking by the sink, listing agent is the chick in the green sweater)

The Family Room

The Dining Room (from the kitchen)

The Library (formally known as the Living Room, but as Niki says, "Who needs one of those????")

The Master Bedroom (part of it anyway)
It's bigger than the one we currently have!

The walk-in closet in the Master Bedroom

The dressing room (with an extra vanity), the door leads into the Master Bath

There are 3 other bedrooms (one is similar in size to our current Master Bedroom, the other two a bit smaller, but larger than our smaller bedrooms in the current house). There is also another bath on the second floor. Each full bath has its own linen closet (YIPPEEEE!) The Basement is not finished, but hopefully in the coming months will get started.

I hope these pics satisfy everyone's curiosity about the new house. At some point over the summer, we will have everyone over.


My secret pal is great and wonderful! She sent me this:
I have been wanting this pattern book for quite some time. I even signed up for the KAL BEFORE I even had the book. Talk about salivating over the WIP that others have posted!

Also in the picture, you can see one of many, many boxes that have been packed for the move at the end of the month. There is still so much more to pack...

05 April 2007

Spring Break???

Yet again, it's Spring Break time...from work this time! It's really not feeling like a break since all I've been doing is packing boxes and more boxes. And even some trash bags!

Poor Ophelia (the cat) doesn't know where to go. She sniffs the boxes, then looks at us with a look that says "I know what that is and it doesn't belong here!" I think she's going on a vacation to Grandma and Grandpa's house starting today. She can hide more easily there without being disturbed!

We've also been good about getting items together that will be donated-clothes, books, etc. Niki, we have over 400 books to give to The Book Thing! You'd also be pleased to know that I didn't have to coerce Jason into getting rid of that many books.

And finally, to my Secret Pal, I just realized that my wish list link was not a good one. SORRY! But, I have fixed the matter and it should be working now.

02 April 2007

Opening Day...


I love the sport. I just can't get enough of it. Even when my favorite/hometown team, The Orioles, aren't doing so well. Tonight's game against the Minnesota Twins was downright pathetic! Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Plus, they haven't played in Baltimore yet...April 9th! Jason and I will be there sporting the orange and black.

Just a bit of FYI...