06 April 2007

What everyone has been waiting for...

...pictures of the new abode! Here they are:

The Front: I love the porch! (That's my dad on the porch and Jason on the left.)

The staircase to the second floor (made out of a lovely oak...poor, but pretty tree...)

Part of the Kitchen as well as the door to the basement (where the trashcan is will be a refrigerator)

Another view of the kitchen (Mom and I are talking by the sink, listing agent is the chick in the green sweater)

The Family Room

The Dining Room (from the kitchen)

The Library (formally known as the Living Room, but as Niki says, "Who needs one of those????")

The Master Bedroom (part of it anyway)
It's bigger than the one we currently have!

The walk-in closet in the Master Bedroom

The dressing room (with an extra vanity), the door leads into the Master Bath

There are 3 other bedrooms (one is similar in size to our current Master Bedroom, the other two a bit smaller, but larger than our smaller bedrooms in the current house). There is also another bath on the second floor. Each full bath has its own linen closet (YIPPEEEE!) The Basement is not finished, but hopefully in the coming months will get started.

I hope these pics satisfy everyone's curiosity about the new house. At some point over the summer, we will have everyone over.


Shelby said...

Very nice!! Congrats!

Melanie said...

Thanks for the pictures, Kate! It looks great! And you weren't kidding when you said it was huge! :)

Angela said...

Katie - just beautiful! You have the best front porch EVER! Great place to knit and read.