09 April 2007

This is Spring?!?!

What happened to those 70-80 degree temps of last week??? Please return...I miss you all way too much! I worn LONG JOHNS (top and bottom) to the Orioles home opener today. I never wear long johns, not even in the winter! The sad thing is that I donated my winter coat to Good Will last week, so I had to make do with multiple layers. Now, you're probably saying, "you shouldn't have donated your coat!" I totally agree that under normal circumstances that I would not have done that, but since the surgery in Dec., I've lost about 50lbs. So, all my clothes are too big and I haven't found replacements as of yet.

Anyway, we got to see a win! (So that makes up for the cold...NOT!)

And tomorrow, it's back to work with the kiddies at school...

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