28 January 2010

Monster Update

Monster is doing well. He has moved around so that he is now sideways (head on the right, feet on the left). This explains his attempts at performing the hula...does he not realize that we're NOT Hawaiian?

He weighs a whopping 4 pounds 9 ounces! He's gained almost 2 pounds since my visit to the specialist last month (shy by 1 ounce). I was surprised, but it makes sense since my own belly has grown quite a bit in the last month.

Everything looks good and I now get to visit the specialist's office TWICE a week until I deliver for fetal monitoring. This is where I get to sit in the nice leather recliners (which I have used for getting blood pressure checks) and have a monitor hooked up to my belly to make sure that Monster is staying a happy little boy. I've been jealous of the women who have been doing this because they look so relaxed and comfortable while doing this. This week has been difficult at best because I have been SO UNCOMFORTABLE! I know that I have been lucky that my level of comfort has lasted until week 31 because my colleagues (there are 4 of us who are currently pregnant and due before the end of May) have been complaining of discomfort for MONTHS. Sleep is dependent on whether or not I can find a comfortable spot in which to be-most of the time that means that I am sleeping sitting up. This position is NOT one in which a lot of rest occurs (I know this from previous experiences).

26 January 2010

Monster's Room

Monster's room is slowly coming together. I finished painting it on Sunday. It is a bluish color called "Blue Thistle." It is one of the many colors in the crib set that we purchased-Vintage Mickey.

The color is like Mickey's baseball pants in the middle panel. That color is just a tad bit darker than the paint color.

There's nothing on the walls just yet, but one of the gifts that we received in FL has a frame and is waiting for a name for Monster before it will be hung on the wall. We're also saving some wall space because Jason's Aunt Kay is making a quilt that we will display.

The crib is not put together yet either, but we hope to start working on that soon. We also need to order the dresser/changing table, but that will take a week or two to arrive. We will take care of that this weekend.

Mom gave me a bookshelf that belonged to my grandfather since she was clearing some things out this past weekend. The bookshelf is one that I have always wanted and it is the same color as the crib and dresser/changing table. It will make a nice addition to Monster's room for all his books and toys.

22 January 2010

Randomness about Monster

...he has a ton of clothes already and he's still in utero (but can always use more!) Some of those clothes even have monsters on them (we only bought one outfit like that...I think grandparents purchased the others...the nickname has gotten to them!)

...his room is getting ready slowly but surely. We got a paint sample last week; painted and liked the color, so we purchased a gallon of the color last night. Hopefully we'll get to paint the rest of the room before the end of the month.

...the crib is still in the box. We don't have enough room in Monster's room currently to put it together since we still have the twin beds in there. One of those is still needed until the end of the month when we have in laws visiting.

...at the last doctor's appointment (almost a month ago), Monster weighed 2lbs, 10 ounces. I go to the doctor again on Wednesday. Hopefully, he's grown a bit more.

...Monster has continued to be quite active. On occasion, it feels like he's swimming because I feel a rippling effect. Then sometimes it feels like he will be the next Ravens' kicker or a soccer player. Not that he has to be any of those things...he can be whatever he wishes!

...the blanket that I'm knitting for Monster is slow going because you knit a row and then you cut the yarn so that it can be braided fringe. I try to get through 14 rows at a time (that would use all 7 colors in the blanket), but it feels like forever. I'm also working on another blanket (not for Monster, but for his buddy who is due 2 days before Monster) which has also been slow going since I broke one of the needles I was using. I fixed it and have begun again. Hopefully I can get that one finished soon too!

...speaking of knitted items for Monster, I've made a BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket)sweater (newborn size), some burp cloths (one in Iowa colors, one in old Buccs colors and one multicolored), a diaper cover (in Orioles colors)and have the pattern and yarn to make another sweater for when Monster is a bit older.

I think that's all the randomness for now.

05 January 2010


I am not one who likes to wait. Not one bit. If there is mail to be opened, I open it. If a birthday present arrives early, I don't wait until my actual birthday to open it. I HAVE to know what the gift is right away.

I have been very good about keeping items for Monster in their respective boxes until we have time and room to put them together. Until last night... I just HAD to open one box and put one item together. I was good and talked to my dear husband about it and he conceded (poor thing). I moved the box into the living room, where we were watching one of the many bowl games still going on this week. I let Jason open the box and take out all the pieces. We removed all the plastic wrapping and made sure all the pieces were there.

Jason did the putting together while I guided him with the directions. Every once in awhile he needed to see the pictorial directions, but we ending up using all the pieces and putting the item together correctly the first time.

Here it is: