05 January 2010


I am not one who likes to wait. Not one bit. If there is mail to be opened, I open it. If a birthday present arrives early, I don't wait until my actual birthday to open it. I HAVE to know what the gift is right away.

I have been very good about keeping items for Monster in their respective boxes until we have time and room to put them together. Until last night... I just HAD to open one box and put one item together. I was good and talked to my dear husband about it and he conceded (poor thing). I moved the box into the living room, where we were watching one of the many bowl games still going on this week. I let Jason open the box and take out all the pieces. We removed all the plastic wrapping and made sure all the pieces were there.

Jason did the putting together while I guided him with the directions. Every once in awhile he needed to see the pictorial directions, but we ending up using all the pieces and putting the item together correctly the first time.

Here it is:

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