28 January 2010

Monster Update

Monster is doing well. He has moved around so that he is now sideways (head on the right, feet on the left). This explains his attempts at performing the hula...does he not realize that we're NOT Hawaiian?

He weighs a whopping 4 pounds 9 ounces! He's gained almost 2 pounds since my visit to the specialist last month (shy by 1 ounce). I was surprised, but it makes sense since my own belly has grown quite a bit in the last month.

Everything looks good and I now get to visit the specialist's office TWICE a week until I deliver for fetal monitoring. This is where I get to sit in the nice leather recliners (which I have used for getting blood pressure checks) and have a monitor hooked up to my belly to make sure that Monster is staying a happy little boy. I've been jealous of the women who have been doing this because they look so relaxed and comfortable while doing this. This week has been difficult at best because I have been SO UNCOMFORTABLE! I know that I have been lucky that my level of comfort has lasted until week 31 because my colleagues (there are 4 of us who are currently pregnant and due before the end of May) have been complaining of discomfort for MONTHS. Sleep is dependent on whether or not I can find a comfortable spot in which to be-most of the time that means that I am sleeping sitting up. This position is NOT one in which a lot of rest occurs (I know this from previous experiences).

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