22 January 2010

Randomness about Monster

...he has a ton of clothes already and he's still in utero (but can always use more!) Some of those clothes even have monsters on them (we only bought one outfit like that...I think grandparents purchased the others...the nickname has gotten to them!)

...his room is getting ready slowly but surely. We got a paint sample last week; painted and liked the color, so we purchased a gallon of the color last night. Hopefully we'll get to paint the rest of the room before the end of the month.

...the crib is still in the box. We don't have enough room in Monster's room currently to put it together since we still have the twin beds in there. One of those is still needed until the end of the month when we have in laws visiting.

...at the last doctor's appointment (almost a month ago), Monster weighed 2lbs, 10 ounces. I go to the doctor again on Wednesday. Hopefully, he's grown a bit more.

...Monster has continued to be quite active. On occasion, it feels like he's swimming because I feel a rippling effect. Then sometimes it feels like he will be the next Ravens' kicker or a soccer player. Not that he has to be any of those things...he can be whatever he wishes!

...the blanket that I'm knitting for Monster is slow going because you knit a row and then you cut the yarn so that it can be braided fringe. I try to get through 14 rows at a time (that would use all 7 colors in the blanket), but it feels like forever. I'm also working on another blanket (not for Monster, but for his buddy who is due 2 days before Monster) which has also been slow going since I broke one of the needles I was using. I fixed it and have begun again. Hopefully I can get that one finished soon too!

...speaking of knitted items for Monster, I've made a BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket)sweater (newborn size), some burp cloths (one in Iowa colors, one in old Buccs colors and one multicolored), a diaper cover (in Orioles colors)and have the pattern and yarn to make another sweater for when Monster is a bit older.

I think that's all the randomness for now.


clara-runner said...

How exciting! I am supper impressed at how much you have knitted for the little man. Those burp rags will definitely come in handy!

Niki said...

Sooooo, what is the nursery color?