26 January 2010

Monster's Room

Monster's room is slowly coming together. I finished painting it on Sunday. It is a bluish color called "Blue Thistle." It is one of the many colors in the crib set that we purchased-Vintage Mickey.

The color is like Mickey's baseball pants in the middle panel. That color is just a tad bit darker than the paint color.

There's nothing on the walls just yet, but one of the gifts that we received in FL has a frame and is waiting for a name for Monster before it will be hung on the wall. We're also saving some wall space because Jason's Aunt Kay is making a quilt that we will display.

The crib is not put together yet either, but we hope to start working on that soon. We also need to order the dresser/changing table, but that will take a week or two to arrive. We will take care of that this weekend.

Mom gave me a bookshelf that belonged to my grandfather since she was clearing some things out this past weekend. The bookshelf is one that I have always wanted and it is the same color as the crib and dresser/changing table. It will make a nice addition to Monster's room for all his books and toys.

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