23 September 2007

My Birthday?

I came home from work on Friday and Jason met me at the door. He asked me if it was my birthday...uh...no, it was a couple of weeks ago. Why?

This is why:There were four, yes, four packages waiting for me when I arrived home! It felt more like Christmas than my birthday. First, the largest package (bottom left) had some Christmas presents in it, so there are no pictures of the contents...sorry! The second largest package (top left) was this:
Cotton candy???? Nope. It's llama fiber! I entered a contest here and won some fiber. Of course I wanted the blue...it's my comfort color (maybe not that shade, but it works). Now, at the time that I won this lovely fiber, I wasn't thinking FIBER...I was thinking yarn. Hmmm...Jason asked if that meant I was going to need a spinning wheel. I told him that I'm not ready for that just yet. This fiber will be making its home in my office for awhile until I can figure out what to do. It is so soft and so llamay. (Yes, Niki, you can come over and touch it!)

Then there was the long awaited package from Amazon-my textbooks for class! Yipppeeeee.

The last package was from my Secret Pal, Nosy1. She's definitely on her toes with sending packages! I have become quite the spoiled pal!!! In this package, there was:

a lovely postcard of Recycled Sari Silk (I see it at my LYS and think about buying it all the time and just never do!), a pattern (Fetching) from Knitty, the yarn to make those divine fingerless gloves in a black colorway from Misti Alpaca, and a pirate ball and pirate pencils to celebrate "Talk like a Pirate" Day! (Sept. 19th). My SP is AWESOME! She's great and wonderful! Thank you, Nosy1!!!!

18 September 2007


Niki made a post on her blog today about all the celebrating going on in her world (bdays, anniversaries, etc.). She also included a website about unusual holidays.

I am proud to say that the "holidays" on my bday (Sept. 6th) are quite appropriate for me:
  • Fight Procrastination Day
  • Read a Book Day
I am a total procrastinator...it just makes life that much more interesting!
And, of course, read a book a day...more like two or three.

I think my favorite "day" in September is: National Beheading Day (uh, does that freak anyone else out????) on Sept. 2nd.

The Runner Up would be: Be Late for Something Day (Sept. 5th). I can't honestly say that I've been late for ANYTHING...not even being born (1 1/2 months early).

Being a lover of elephants, I need to remember to start celebrating Sept. 22nd as Elephant Appreciation Day. To borrow Niki's catch phrase (tweaked to fit here): "Why I love elephants and so should you!"

I haven't had time to look over the other months yet, but feel free to let me know what your favorite "holiday" is!

17 September 2007


I got my Ravelry invite yesterday! Woooo hoooo!!!

I am srapalmateer (quite original...)

I've got a big grad school project due this week....booo hisss!!!

12 September 2007


I have finished my one skein project from my Secret Pal, Nosy1! It was a simple pattern to follow-knit, knit, knit and knit some more. Plus, weaving in a ton of ends. I may have found a solution to this: knit the petals on a circular needle. Then when finished one petal, using the backward loop cast on, this would alleviate all those pesky ends to weave in. Anyway, this is what it looks like:
Thanks again, Nosy1 for supplying me with another great, quick project!

In other knitting news: my bday present from Jason finally arrived in the mail yesterday!!! It was a wooden swift and a ball winder! For all of you non-knitters, these are two pretty simple contraptions that allow you to create yarn cakes (nice, neat wound yarn that looks like a mini cake). I tried it out tonight (but forgot to take pics...boo hiss) and had a jolly good time!

09 September 2007

I'm slow...

...about posting about my Secret Pal 11 gifts! I'm sorry, Nosy1!

Here is what I received in my first package:
A pattern for a one skein washcloth, a skein of cotton chenille yarn to make the washcloth and a lovely card. I've started on the washcloth and it's looking good! Maybe I'll finish it today...

Then, on Thursday (my bday), there was a package waiting. AGAIN, from my secret pal! Inside was all of this goodness:

There was a set of Brittany needles #2, a pair of scissors, a bag to hold my sock project, some bday tissues (how cute!), a JellyBelly sampler and a decorated box with a pin cushion top. When the box is opened....

there were 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn in the colorway Layette. I've wanted to work with LLSSY and have just never found the right colorway for me. Nosy1, you found it!


06 September 2007

Happy Birth Day!

Today is the anniversary of my birth, just 36 short/long years ago (depends on how I'm feeling at the moment you ask...)

Jason and I were going to go to see an O's game tonight, but something much more important came to fruition...


We finally got the go-ahead to settle on the townhouse...only after waiting 2 months for the mortgage company to get their act together. We are finally the proud owners of only 1 home!!! We did have to travel to Rockville to settle, but the irony of the whole situation is that we settled at my (dad's) cousin's title company...kind of weird and strange at the same time. Something else just popped into my mind...would that be misconstrued as a conflict of interest??? We had no clue that it was her business until we were there. Hmmm...just more to ponder when I've got a spare moment.

After the paperwork was finished, we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, but had no cheesecake since I'm really not supposed to have that kind of stuff. It was nice to eat somewhere different for a change.

We came home, talked to all the parents and opened one present that was waiting from my Secret Pal...I'll post pics soon (tomorrow, maybe?!)

04 September 2007

BBQ & Holiday Weekend

This past Saturday, Jason and I hosted our first BBQ at the new house. Unfortunately, we have no pictures because we were too busy playing hosts to our friends and family. (BTW, if any of those friends and family has pics, please send!) I had some college buddies come and it was a mini-reunion of sorts-because we had not seen one friend in almost 15 years! (Time flies...)

We ate chicken wings, roast beast, and Cuban pork (Jason cooked that!) as well as SALAD on a stick, macaroni salad, deviled eggs (yum!), Cole slaw, fruit salad and tons o' dessert. Thanks to everyone who helped out by bringing something!

On Sunday, Jason and I went out to dinner with my parents to celebrate my birthday (this Thursday, the 6th) and then went to see one of the last Ironbirds games of the season. They won for a change! (But unfortunately, are currently tied for last place in their division.)

For all the fun and excitement over the weekend, the extra Monday off was nice-we were lazy and did absolutely NOTHING!