18 September 2007


Niki made a post on her blog today about all the celebrating going on in her world (bdays, anniversaries, etc.). She also included a website about unusual holidays.

I am proud to say that the "holidays" on my bday (Sept. 6th) are quite appropriate for me:
  • Fight Procrastination Day
  • Read a Book Day
I am a total procrastinator...it just makes life that much more interesting!
And, of course, read a book a day...more like two or three.

I think my favorite "day" in September is: National Beheading Day (uh, does that freak anyone else out????) on Sept. 2nd.

The Runner Up would be: Be Late for Something Day (Sept. 5th). I can't honestly say that I've been late for ANYTHING...not even being born (1 1/2 months early).

Being a lover of elephants, I need to remember to start celebrating Sept. 22nd as Elephant Appreciation Day. To borrow Niki's catch phrase (tweaked to fit here): "Why I love elephants and so should you!"

I haven't had time to look over the other months yet, but feel free to let me know what your favorite "holiday" is!


Nosy1 said...

We had cheeseburgers tonight for dinner in celebration of National Cheeseburger Day. (Don't worry, even the butcher didn't know about it.) And let's not forget tomorrow's "Talk Like a Pirate" Day!

Anonymous said...

I thought about you yesterday when I was at valley view farms and they hand an elephant topiary that you could buy for your yard. Being that a regular plain old natural-shaped shrub cost about $250, I didn't dare check the topiary price. Still, I've never seen anything like it outside of disney world! But you know, if you love elephant topiaries, check valley view farms. Ha!