04 September 2007

BBQ & Holiday Weekend

This past Saturday, Jason and I hosted our first BBQ at the new house. Unfortunately, we have no pictures because we were too busy playing hosts to our friends and family. (BTW, if any of those friends and family has pics, please send!) I had some college buddies come and it was a mini-reunion of sorts-because we had not seen one friend in almost 15 years! (Time flies...)

We ate chicken wings, roast beast, and Cuban pork (Jason cooked that!) as well as SALAD on a stick, macaroni salad, deviled eggs (yum!), Cole slaw, fruit salad and tons o' dessert. Thanks to everyone who helped out by bringing something!

On Sunday, Jason and I went out to dinner with my parents to celebrate my birthday (this Thursday, the 6th) and then went to see one of the last Ironbirds games of the season. They won for a change! (But unfortunately, are currently tied for last place in their division.)

For all the fun and excitement over the weekend, the extra Monday off was nice-we were lazy and did absolutely NOTHING!

1 comment:

Chris said...

Hi Sis

I want the cuban pork recipe please. And i didnt get any macaroni salad to take home :-(

But we had a blast. Thanks for having us.

Your loving Brother