23 September 2007

My Birthday?

I came home from work on Friday and Jason met me at the door. He asked me if it was my birthday...uh...no, it was a couple of weeks ago. Why?

This is why:There were four, yes, four packages waiting for me when I arrived home! It felt more like Christmas than my birthday. First, the largest package (bottom left) had some Christmas presents in it, so there are no pictures of the contents...sorry! The second largest package (top left) was this:
Cotton candy???? Nope. It's llama fiber! I entered a contest here and won some fiber. Of course I wanted the blue...it's my comfort color (maybe not that shade, but it works). Now, at the time that I won this lovely fiber, I wasn't thinking FIBER...I was thinking yarn. Hmmm...Jason asked if that meant I was going to need a spinning wheel. I told him that I'm not ready for that just yet. This fiber will be making its home in my office for awhile until I can figure out what to do. It is so soft and so llamay. (Yes, Niki, you can come over and touch it!)

Then there was the long awaited package from Amazon-my textbooks for class! Yipppeeeee.

The last package was from my Secret Pal, Nosy1. She's definitely on her toes with sending packages! I have become quite the spoiled pal!!! In this package, there was:

a lovely postcard of Recycled Sari Silk (I see it at my LYS and think about buying it all the time and just never do!), a pattern (Fetching) from Knitty, the yarn to make those divine fingerless gloves in a black colorway from Misti Alpaca, and a pirate ball and pirate pencils to celebrate "Talk like a Pirate" Day! (Sept. 19th). My SP is AWESOME! She's great and wonderful! Thank you, Nosy1!!!!


Nosy1 said...

You're welcome! I hope you like the "quickie" patterns/yarn gifts. You are busy enough without having to worry about a HUGE yarn project.
Too funny about the fiber!!!

b said...

Maybe I should've warned you about the "blue" I hope you get to spin it!

srapalmateer said...

Blue in any shade is a good thing...trust me...blue things: post-its, dishes, flash drive, car, yarn, curtains, etc...it's all good!

Niki said...

llamay goodness... mmmmmmmm... ya know, some of us use unspun fibers in craft projects... i'm just saying...

srapalmateer said...

You could become the proud owner of some of the llamay fiber goodness...ya never know!