12 September 2007


I have finished my one skein project from my Secret Pal, Nosy1! It was a simple pattern to follow-knit, knit, knit and knit some more. Plus, weaving in a ton of ends. I may have found a solution to this: knit the petals on a circular needle. Then when finished one petal, using the backward loop cast on, this would alleviate all those pesky ends to weave in. Anyway, this is what it looks like:
Thanks again, Nosy1 for supplying me with another great, quick project!

In other knitting news: my bday present from Jason finally arrived in the mail yesterday!!! It was a wooden swift and a ball winder! For all of you non-knitters, these are two pretty simple contraptions that allow you to create yarn cakes (nice, neat wound yarn that looks like a mini cake). I tried it out tonight (but forgot to take pics...boo hiss) and had a jolly good time!


Nosy1 said...

Glad you enjoyed the quick one skein knit. More to follow. (And Stash & Burn extended the contest...woo-hoo!)

Linda said...

Very nice! I'll bet that yarn makes a very cushy washcloth.