21 June 2007


SCHOOL IS OVER!!!!!!! No more books, exams, nor student's complaining!!!!!

Now it's just time to read YA lit and a snoozer of an Educational Research textbook. Only 3 1/2 weeks of grad school to go for the summer, then I can really relax and work on the house some more. We haven't put ANYTHING on the walls as of yet except the brackets for the curtain rods. We're still waiting for a few things to be fixed by the builder...but that's another story for another time.

17 June 2007

Catching up

Jason and I have been busy! We've been putting things away at the new house, painting at the old house with the help of Jason's dad and step mom and my parents, selling the old house, finishing out the school year, starting summer school, starting summer grad school classes and just trying to breathe.

Last week, we had company for Jason's 37th birthday. (I can't believe he's that OLD! hee hee) Jason's dad and step mom came to visit. We (including my parents) went to MacGregor's for dinner. (That's the place we had our rehearsal dinner.) Everything was yummy! Jason also had a cake (from Safeway because I was too busy to bake, but it was GOOD!)

Jason also got some lovely gifts...a book on baseball, football boxers, NASA DVDs, a chair, a ladder and even a homemade card by the lovely, talented and PUBLISHED, Niki!

We've also planted our first tree- a Japanese maple. That was our house warming gift from Jason's dad and step mom. Here's Jason starting to dig the hole...it took awhile because our "soil" is chock full of rocks!

There has been some progress on the empty lot next door to us. Last Friday, they poured cement for the foundation. This past Friday, they set the support posts and poured the cement for the basement floor and steps. It's amazing to see how quickly this part of the building process goes.

01 June 2007


This week has been full of nothing but troubles!

First, we found out that the guy who put a contract on the townhouse wanted to rescind his offer because of asbestos siding. That's a pretty lame excuse because you only have a few choices for siding-wood, fiberglass or asbestos! There is one good thing about this...there was another offer on the house, not as good as the first, but we're excepting their contract.

Our second round of troubles was with the new house. The a/c unit in the attic decided it didn't want to work properly and the pan that collects condensation overflowed. Jason noticed this in the BASEMENT! The builder came over yesterday and hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) fixed the problem.

The last bit of trouble this week was just for me! (I feel so lucky...) I was informed that one of the classes that I registered for was canceled. I did register for another section, but I will be in two classes at the same time for a short period of time (about 3 weeks) while still teaching. I think I will be going insane. I am looking forward to one of the courses-Young Adult Literature. I've already started reading YA books for the class. I have to read 25 books from various lists and annotate them. I'm sure there will be some other projects to complete as well.

In knitting...
I have been doing some! I've been working on a present for a family member who is getting married later in the year. I won't be talking much about it just in case the person in question happens to see my blog.

To my secret pal...
Hopefully, we will have internet access next week at home and I will be able to post a pic of the lovely package you sent. I love the 2 skeins of blue/purple/green yarn and of course my favorite Bath and Bodyworks scent...Coconut Lime Verbena bubble bath!