07 April 2008

Finished Knitting Projects

I have been lazy about posting my finished knitting projects (or even my works in progress)! Here's some of what I have finished since the end of January...

I finished the first baby blanket of 2008:

This blanket is for Baby Boy Gray (whenever he decides to show his face). It was a kit from KnitPicks that I decided to purchase because the colors matched his mommy's personality and hopefully his too! I have started on Baby Blanket #2, a pinwheel pattern in good ol' primary colors-red, yellow and blue. I'm using LionBrand's Microspun. It's soft and washable; just what every new mom needs! (No pictures yet...)

I also finished a throw for the newlyweds, Joel & Mariah. It was their wedding gift.

I had started the throw using a microfiber ribbon yarn inbetween the bouclé and angel hair, but it just didn't look right nor feel good against the skin. I frogged it and started again. Much better without the ribbon yarn. I did use the ribbon yarn in the fringe. It gives the throw a bit more texture and just adds to the overall look.

I finished my Jaywalker Socks. I've even worn them since the weather here has been cold and damp with all the rain/mist we've gotten in the past week or so. They are warm and snuggly!

I've finished some other projects, but have yet to take photos. I'll have another FO post coming soon!

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clara-runner said...

You have been busy! Great job!