02 April 2008

Tired (AKA 100th post)

That's me. Tired. Spring Break did NOT help me at all. I was too busy doing the following:

  • going to the dentist (3 TIMES)
  • meeting up with friends that I hadn't seen in awhile
  • visiting family
Since Spring Break, I've been
  • going to the dentist (again!)
  • preparing students to take assessments (that only means teaching to the test)
  • doing course work
  • cleaning
  • knitting like a mad woman (two more babies are on the way...and they're due in the fall when I'll be doing my internship-must knit faster!)
  • Baseball has begun!
    • Opening day was cold and the O's lost 6-2 to the Rays (boo hoo)
    • Off again tonight...maybe it will have a different outcome?!?!
Soon, I hope to post about all the knitting that I've finished.

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