19 April 2008

Lovely Weather

The past week has been wonderfully warm here in MD! All the trees and flowers are blooming and everyone is out cutting their grass for the first time this Spring. Since moving, I've gotten a bit of a green thumb. I've never really had one before-I've killed cacti!

In the Fall, Mom helped me plant a variety of bulbs in the front garden of the house. Some of the bulbs have bloomed and some are just beginning to grow.
Yesterday, Jason and I went to Lowe's and purchased some other plants that I could put in the strawberry pot and the planter that his dad and stepmom gave us for Christmas. I picked out some petunias, dianthus and gerber daisies to put in the strawberry pot. Jason picked out a climbing clematis to put in the planter.
Right after we moved into the house last Spring, we planted a Japanese Maple tree. It was a house warming gift from Jason's dad and stepmom. It was a baby and it definitely survived the crazy MD Winter. Here's the proof:

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can keep all these plants living and in good health!