10 March 2008

Add another to the GEEK list


I've been wanting a Wii for awhile. They've been tough to find. Jason has been keeping an eye out for the gaming system on Amazon.com with no luck. Amazon would have some once or twice a week at a predetermined time and would sell out within 10 minutes. Jason, being the geek that he is, would investigate what store was going to have some of the systems and when. He even found a website that would send out an alarm when more Wiis went on sale!

Due to Jason's diligence, he found out the Sam's Club was going to have Wiis on sale at Midnight this past Saturday. He went and sat in the parking lot at 9:3o pm to wait. Niki (there's a pic here) joined him at about 11pm (since I wasn't feeling 100%) and about 12:15 am they came home with a Wii in hand! Jason set it up on my TV and we played baseball, bowling, tennis and boxing (the games that came with the system).

I tested my abilities again yesterday. I'm pretty good at bowling and pitching in baseball, but all the others are pretty tough. I guess I'll just have to practice some more! (I might have to give my arm a rest though...it's a bit sore this morning!)

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Angela said...

Hey there,

You are not alone in your Wii passion. Steve stood in line at Toys R Us at 6:00 a.m. waiting for a Wii. And we LOVE IT. Um, if you ever want to clean your house again, don't get Guitar Hero. It is addicting, and we play it every night! I don't think I've done any knitting since we got it. Seriously!