27 February 2008

How do you know if you're married to a geek?

First, let me say that my husband KNOWS that he's a geek.

Second, I have known that he is a geek since before we met almost 8 years ago.

This post is just REINFORCEMENT of all that knowledge.

My dear husband came home from work today, gave me a kiss and grabbed a clipboard that was in the living room. He then retreated to his "office." I called after him and asked, "What are you going to do with the clipboard?" His response, "I have to record some things."

I chuckled at his response. This is why:

Hubby had to "record" information about "his" players in his favorite video game.

Hence, my list of reasons I know that I married a geek: (Niki, an homage to the month o'lists!)
  • there is no reason to call the "Geek Squad;" you live with one
  • there is no reason to call Microsoft/other software company for technical support; you call, "Honey, @%!*$# program doesn't work! HELP!"
  • he knows way too many statistics of way too many sports, mainly baseball, football and hockey (including the minors, etc.)
  • when we moved, the DVDs and CDs went into the boxes ALPHABETIZED [fortunately, I had to look for a couple and messed them up-too much order is bad for your psyche.]
  • we now have battery back-up for our TVs and computers [I'm starting to come around on this one-when the power goes out, we still have some form of entertainment other than Sequence by candlelight]
  • when it's time to decorate the Christmas tree, there has to be a variety of Star Wars and Star Trek ornaments on the tree
I know this list is not at all complete. When another reason becomes obvious to me, I will enlighten you.

P.S. And these reasons make me love him all the more! ;-)


Linda said...

Very funny! My DH's Star Wars ornaments don't go on the tree, though; they have to be specially displayed around the house.

Niki said...