02 February 2008


Yesterday was an interesting day at The LAKE, my school. We had a 2 hour delay, which was nice-I actually watched the morning news, made breakfast and got in a little knitting before it was time to go. Now, remember, it was raining. We were supposed to get an inch of rain. (We need it desperately here.) I walked into the building and there was one trashcan in the main lobby catching some rain drops coming from the ceiling (our lobby is open up to the third floor which also has sky lights). I go into the office, get my mail, make copies, etc. As I'm leaving another teacher comes in and says, have you seen the media center??? No. Let's just say that it was doing more raining INSIDE the building than outside. The custodians had just about every trashcan out on the third floor balcony (yes, my school has a balcony and even a bridge!). The water was pouring down the walls right onto the computers and tables in the media center. It was a mess.

Because of the delay, no one was at the board of education to make a decision about closing the building or not. The kids had started to show up and were herded into the cafeteria or the theater. I got to be the gate keeper in the cafeteria-allowing the students to go to the bathroom or to get a drink of water and not allowing them to go to the theater (where the better movie was being shown-Drumline. The Cafeteria got Finding Nemo.). Now that the students were in the building, we had to feed them lunch. We have 1,400 approximately (in a building meant for 1,200) when they all show up. We had three 15-minute lunch shifts that went quite smoothly. The students were dismissed at 11:45 and the teachers at noon!

What a day!

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