12 February 2008


Today is the Maryland Primary as well as Virginia's (the media has called it the "Potomac Primary" and also the "Chesapeake Primary"). I am off to vote as soon as I complete this blog entry.

Yesterday at school, I was talking with the students who were old enough if they were going to vote in the primary. Many of them said "Why?" or "I don't think so." I know that our social studies teachers have prepared them for the whys even going as far to help the students figure out if they are a republican or a democrat. (I wish my teachers had done that!) I know the feelings that they have are many about politics from "Does my vote REALLY count?" to "Who will listen to me? I'm just a teenager." In reading others' blogs and newspapers, I have noticed that the young people (younger than me) have been taking a stand and following candidates more than ever before. I've been following the caucuses and find that process to be amazing. I wish all states did that. It feels more personal, more like you have a voice in your government.

But back to my point. We in the USA take for granted that we will always have a say in our government. We have never experienced not having a voice. We should all go out and vote. It takes a couple of minutes. If we don't, what are we teaching the young people about our system of government?

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