02 March 2008

New Form of Mail in Rebate?

This has become one of my new favorite snacks. These are snap peas that have been baked and are super crispy. They have the consistency of cheese curls without the cheese. Who knew veggies could taste so good?

Yesterday, I had an all day class for Grad school. I always pack my lunch when I have to go to McDaniel because if I leave, I will lose my parking space. Even on a Saturday! (There was a lacrosse tournament going on yesterday.) Anyway, I've packed most of my lunch and decide to put the rest of the snapea crisps into a baggie. I noticed something a bit different coming out of the bag of crisps. It was this:

A DIME! I guess this gives new meaning to mail in rebate. Or are they just paying me for using their product? This has never happened to me before, but I think I'll be buying more of this product...who knows? Maybe there will be dollar bills in the next bag!?!


Niki said...

Those look yummy. Where'd ya get 'em?

srapalmateer said...

I got them at Trader Joe's.

Melanie said...

Mmmm, we love those. We get them at Whole Foods.