06 September 2009


People (and you know who you are!) have been asking about Mom. She is doing 100% better! She doesn't really need to walk with the cane unless she's walking a long distance, her feet have gone back to their normal size and she's lost ALL of the fluid plus a couple extra pounds. The doctor does think that her thyroid has been acting up (hence the extra weight loss) and has adjusted her medication for that. When we saw her yesterday, she had finished cutting the grass, had washed the car and was just moving around like I haven't seen her do in quite some time. Today she was off to the beach for the week.

School started on Monday. My schedule changed a bit-I was supposed to have 2 Spanish 1 classes, 2 Spanish 2 classes and 1 Spanish 3 class. We had enough students for an extra section of Spanish 1, so I picked that up and gave up the Spanish 3 class. It's nice having that extra Spanish 1 class because the classes aren't packed with 34 students!!! One class has 16, another 27 and the other 28. My Spanish 2 classes are small as well-19 and 24. The real test will start on Tuesday-Can I remember all their names???? Especially since Back to School night is on Wednesday!

I'm still feeling fine. Changed when I take my vitamins and that seems to have done the trick-no more nausea! I absolutely hate that feeling. I would rather throw up than have that gross feeling hang around all day. I'm still tired at the end of the day, which makes driving the 12 miles home interesting! Hopefully, that will change in another week or two.

And finally, I did receive another package from my SP and have taken pictures, but have not uploaded them onto my computer (so sorry, Bees!). I received a skein of yarn (blue and orange in color-Go Gators!) and a package of Pomegranate Cashews from Harry & David's (my favs!).

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Melanie said...

So glad to hear your mom is doing better!! (I didn't ask, but I was thinking of her!) And I'm glad you're feeling well, too.