08 September 2010

First Pool Party

DJP attended his first pool party a few weeks ago (only blogging about it now due to the "bday flu" which will be discussed in a few sentences). The pool party was in celebration of DJP's cousin's 2nd birthday. (Happy Birthday, KJP!) The little guy got into his bathing suit and Del Sol t-shirt along with his hat and went in the water with his daddy.

There was also a visit in the pool by Harley, my aunt and uncle's puppy! (who did get on the raft all by himself!)

DJP also got to try his own raft. He enjoyed lounging quite a bit!

Fun was had by all until the next day...when the "bday flu" hit about half the people who attended the party. A family who parties together also gets sick together...talk about family love! (It will definitely be something we all talk about for YEARS to come...)

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