08 January 2009


Mom and Dad received a bit of a shock yesterday when they went to see the oncologist before Dad's scheduled appointment for his first chemo treatment. Dad does NOT have lung cancer! Dad does have melanoma. Yes, skin cancer. The doctor checked my dad from head to toe yesterday and did not find one mole or spot that would suggest Dad has melanoma. Dad has no outward signs of melanoma.

The oncologist has already contacted doctors at NIH to get Dad into a clinical trial. I'm sure that more details on this will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, Dad will not have to go to have chemo at the hospital but will be taking chemo pills at home. He will have to take 5 pills a day for 5 days then be off for 28 days and start again. We do not know how long this will continue right now.

Hopefully, in the coming days we will know more information. As always, please keep Dad in your thoughts and prayers.


Niki said...

wow. So are the brain lesions melanoma, too?

Melanie said...

Wow, that sounds really unusual. It sounds like he has good doctors to be able to figure all of this out. We wish him the best with the chemo -- I know it's no fun but I hope it does its work.

clara-runner said...

WOW! Part of me thinks it is a relief that it isn't lung cancer, but I know melanoma is still pretty serious. Thankfully it sounds like he is surrounded by knowledgable people.