31 January 2009

Day 2

This morning did not start off well. Mom called me about 10:30am saying that the doctor thought Dad had a stroke because his speech was slow and the right side of his face was a bit droopy. He was taken for a brain scan a bit before noon and the results showed that he did NOT have a stroke (Thank God!).

He does have two new lesions on his brain. The one on the left side is larger and there is swelling around it. The doctor said that the swelling is causing the stroke like symptoms. The nurse gave Dad a large dose of a steroid that would lessen the swelling and every six hours he gets another dose of the steroid.

As the day progressed, Dad's speech improved and he was able to talk to us and not get frustrated that he couldn't spit out the words. He ate all of his lunch and dinner and looked better when we took Mom to get dinner around 8pm. His speech should continue to improve and hopefully we will know more on Monday when all the doctors make their rounds.

I will be going back tomorrow for a little bit so that Mom gets a little break. Keep those prayers coming! Love to you all!


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Oh gosh sweetie. I think I know exactly what you are going through because my Daddy is living with an inoperable blood clot in his brain. Bunny hugs to you and your mom.=:8

Chikako said...

Dear Katie,
I am always thinkging of you and
your Dad, Mom, and brother.
Please take care of yourself, Katie. I will pray for your Dad.

Ann, Russell, and Collin said...

On NO! So sorry to hear this news. Will your Dad be getting another brain scan to see if the steriod treatment is working?
Much love, support and bunches of prayers to ALL of you. God works miracles! - Russell and I can atest to this with our ordeal last year.