04 January 2009

This week...

This week is a big week for both Mom and Dad.

Mom will have her follow up appointment with the surgeon who performed the carpal tunnel surgery.  She's been having some pain in her arm.  Hopefully there will only be good news.

Dad begins his radiation treatments tomorrow morning.  He will go in again on Tuesday and Thursday for the lesion near his spine.  On Wednesday he will have the treatment for the lesion on his brain.  He will also begin chemo on Wednesday.  The doctors have said that the pain in his back will be relieved with the three shots of radiation.  I hope so!  Seeing Dad in so much pain is difficult.  Plus I don't think he knows how to deal with the pain since he has never really experienced pain other than muscle aches and strains.  

Dad did go to work yesterday(crazy man), but he needs to keep busy.  

Please keep your thoughts and prayers with Mom and especially Dad this week.  Love to all!

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