05 January 2009

First Round of Radiation Complete

Dad had no problems with his first round of radiation today. No pain. No nausea. No nothing. He was still having some back pain and called the doctor about his pain medications. The oncologist gave him a higher mg dosage of the oxycodone and also a percacet prescription to use as needed.

When I talked to Dad this evening, he sounded well and in good spirits. The doctor did ask him a strange question about whether or not he had ever had sun cancer...of course, Dad didn't ask the all important question of late...WHY???? Of course I chastised both Dad and Mom and they will be asking LOTS of questions when they see the oncologist on Wednesday.

So far, all is going well. Please keep the prayers and good thoughts moving in Dad's direction!

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clara-runner said...

Happy to hear round one went well!