18 January 2009

End of Round 1

Dad finished the first round of chemo last night. He started on Tuesday and felt okay but did have a bit of nausea. Wednesday was worse and he called the doctor for a better anti nausea drug. The doctor gave him one and said that the anti nausea drip that Dad had gotten was pretty much a waste since it took a week to get the chemo pills. (Figures.) I did see Mom and Dad yesterday and Dad was in good spirits and looked good. He sees the oncologist on Monday.

Mom is doing okay with her hand. She can now touch all of her fingers with the exception of the pinky to her thumb. She is still experiencing some pain, and will see the surgeon on Wednesday.

That's the update for this week. Keep your good thoughts and prayers headed in their direction!

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Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you and your parents that things will continue to get better. My MIL re-starts the 1st round of chemo this week. It is her 3rd or 5th, something like that, time, so I know how difficult it can be. God bless you all.
Your SP