14 March 2007


Although I may not be a lunatic anymore (see yesterday's post), I still am a secret pal today! Secret Pal 10 is a swap of knitting goodies given by someone who is your secret pal over a 3 month period. The secret pal knows what to gift because you answer a questionnaire on your blog. Plus, you can send cards, emails and even post to your pal's blog (having a blog is a requirement for this swap). I got my secret pal info yesterday and sent her an email. I can't wait to start getting all her knitting "treats" and other goodies together. It's like Christmas all over again! I love finding those little things that one doesn't really need, but just brings a smile to that person's face. I already have some great ideas...

Another secret...my grad school class! Supposedly, we're on "Spring Break." HA! That's the big secret. I will be working my you know what off to get two HUGE projects finished by the 20th. Of course, you're saying "you have the syllabus, you knew the workload," etc, etc. Did I fail to mention that we have other indepth assignments to complete as well???? A classmate and I spent 7 hours working on 3 assignments and still did NOT finish everything that we needed to complete. It will all get finished, but probably not on time (which I hate!) I'll be spending my Saturday at the library...too bad they're only open 9-5!

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