13 March 2007

I'm not a lunatic anymore...

Well, I have officially been knocked out of Sock Madness. I was trying to make that second sock as fast as my fingers would move, but at 9:30pm, I cried "Uncle!" I'm not sure my fingers will even move in the morning, so I may be popping some Aleve or Advil to aide in my mobility issues. (Good thing I'm giving quizzes tomorrow!)

The good thing about being out of Sock Madness is that I can concentrate on my Grad school work and hopefully catch up on the 2 big projects that are due right after Spring Break (started today). There is one other nice perk to Sock Madness...even though I didn't advance to the second round, I will still get all the patterns. The patterns are all original, so it will be nice to have some different patterns to work with as well as try out some new techniques.

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