08 March 2007

Getting ready for Sock Madness!

I went to my LYS this afternoon after work to find a suitable yarn to make my first pair of socks for SoCk MaDnEsS! I did much searching for just the right yarn and just the right color. I purchased Colinette's Jitterbug in CopperBeach. It's a dark brown with navy blue, maize, red and some other colors thrown in. It's perfect for me! The first pattern in SM calls for a variegated and a solid yarn. I have some navy sock yarn leftovers in my stash that will go nicely with the CopperBeach. Here's what they look like together. I really like the combination.

Yesterday was another SNOW day here (it was a joke...you could still see the grass poking out of the snow). We'll be going to school until July this year. All the seniors are laughing and saying,"we don't have to make up these days!" I wouldn't mind if the superintendent just decided that since we've missed 5 whole instructional days, that EVERYONE had to make them up. Wishful thinking on my part, that's for sure!

Since it was a snow day yesterday, I got some more work done on the shawl for myself. It's coming along nicely. I would like to get it finished soon so that I can wear it before the weather turns too warm! (You just need to wait 5 minutes here in MD.)

I still haven't finished those socks for my mom. I'm procrastinating there as well...

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