12 March 2007

Daylight Savings???

This business of daylight savings time coming early is for the birds! First of all, my body does not like time changes period. It doesn't matter if it happens twice a year or because of travel. My system is totally out of whack for about 2 weeks. Who can function like that??? Secondly, a few years ago, my alarm clock went peacefully to alarm clock heaven. I purchased a new one that automatically changed due to daylight savings, power outages, etc. It did not change Sunday morning. My guess is that three weeks from now, it will change all by itself (when we were originally supposed to have daylight savings). Oh my... Finally, time changes are just NOT safe. Because of reason #1, I pretty much drove to work this morning with my eyes closed. That's dangerous, you might say. Of course it is! But getting up at 5am (really 4am) is for the birds (literally and figuratively).

Needless to say, I don't think we're actually saving much of anything. This change in when we change the time is just causing more grief.


Angela said...

Amen to that! One good thing I can say about the time change is that the darkness in the mornings fools the kiddies and they sleep in, which ultimately means I CAN SLEEP ANOTHER HOUR! Woo hoo! I had forgotten the wonders of sleeping until 7:30 (and yes that is sleeping in).

Niki said...

You sleep until 7:30?? By 7:30 I was almost to the Bay Bridge this morning!
I have to say that DST doesn't bother me at all; i believe whatever the clock tells me.

srapalmateer said...

Jason says that you're still on the Red Bull and it's effecting you... I try not to live by the clock since I do that from 7:25 to 2:10 Monday through Friday. (Which is probably why DST makes me nutso!)