22 March 2007

Secret Pal 10 Contest

This is easy...I just have to mention what I'm working on now, who it is for and why I love it.

Here it is, the fav UFO...
This is the Easy Ripple Shawl from LionBrand. I'm even using LionBrand MircoSpun yarn in Blush and Coffee. I love this combination of colors even though my favorite color is BLUE. Of course, the red chair does nothing to help the shawl...I should really find somewhere else to take my pics!

I've used this pattern and yarn before-I made it for my sister-in-law in black a few years ago for a Christmas gift. I don't typically make the exact same thing twice. That's not fun for me. But I was having a tough time deciding what pattern to use. I thought about using a pattern from Arctic Lace (there's a whole other post just waiting to be created about why I LOVE Alaska), but using the double strand just wasn't working out well.

The shawl is so soft and will definitely be warm when it's finished-hopefully very soon!

I also finished my MadCow Socks (first pattern in SockMadness). They turned out better than I expected. I used up a bit of the stash (KnitPicks Essential in navy) left over from another pair of socks. They feel great-warm and snuggly! They even ended up being jogless-Wooo Hooo!!! That never happens for me... I guess I got lucky!!!

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Hi there! This is your secret pal just popping in to say hello!