26 January 2011

Update on Mom

Mom went to see the surgeon and the medical oncologist on Monday. The surgeon said she has improved and has regained most of her strength since the gallbladder surgery. She is also healed. YEAH!

The oncologist is pleased with her recovery from the surgery and actually set up her first chemo appointment for yesterday afternoon. Mom was a bit surprised by that, but also happy to have started with her treatment. She will currently be getting treatment once a week for two to three weeks and then a week off. The oncology team will determine if she can go for a third week depending on her white blood cell count since she occasionally runs on the low side anyway. They do not want her immune system to get too weak. The chemo drug is GEMZAR and is a higher dosage than originally planned since Mom is not doing the radiation at the same time.

Another plus with Mom's recovery is that the oncologist thinks that she is strong enough to start radiation. He is going to speak with the radiation oncologist to see what the new plan will be.

For now, all is well and back on track.


Sarah said...

Yeah for such fabulous healing!

Niki said...