04 January 2011

Latest on Mom

Mom had a follow up with the Oncology Team at UMMC yesterday. Here's what she learned:

*Throw out the low-fat diet from the gallbladder surgery; she needs to eat many small meals during the day filled with calories. The doctor said, "If you want ice cream, eat it!" He wants Mom to gain some more weight and he also said that eating more will help with losing some of the fluid that she retained after the surgery.

*Mom needs to move around and do stuff during the day. She is not allowed to just sit around and be waited on. The doctor said that she needs to build up her strength.

*She is scheduled to meet again with the oncology team next Monday and Tuesday to have a follow up appointment and possible get her scans done in radiation oncology. (The ones for this week were canceled.)

*She needed to have another blood transfusion yesterday because her red blood cell count was low due to being anemic. This is in place of the shots she was getting at the hematologist's office every two weeks.

*The doctors still are not 100% sure what type of chemo Mom will have but they are leaning more towards giving her IV chemo. This will probably start before the radiation since Mom is still recovering from the surgery.

That's all I know for now...

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